The Journey!

The Slab Table

Welcome to the gallery – everything from the glamour shots to the injuries and learning curves!!!

Silver and opal ring that came together by chance from a pile of silver offcuts. I may do a run of these for the Etsy shop
A couple of walnut rustic chopping blocks getting there oil, now I have a new toy! The router. There way more beautiful!
Some workshop time to restore is beautiful old set of handmade drawers
One of my biggest and boldest rings yet. It was a labour of love – gold, diamonds and sapphire
Another shot of the beautiful hand crafted ring
Finally some workshop time 😁 finished this beautiful solid elm coffee table
Handmade carved wood earrings and pendants next on the work bench! A few more prototypes to make before they hit my etsy shop.
Silver\Gold earrings and rings coming soon to my etsy shop.
Soldering the bevel to the baseplate for a lovely little hand carved stone (check out my Instagram for the action shots!).
Another skill set to add to the collection πŸ˜‚ having a go at silversmithing
Some more ‘mini’ leather pouches, perfect for jewelry or gift. These came about as a friend wanted a nice little leather pouch for a ring πŸ’“
Alittlenhome project while work is busy. This strated life as a horrid red lamp! Cleaned back and 3d printed black fixings for it πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Can you guess what it is…..?! I’ve been commissioned to make a hollow wooden egg for a project 🀟🏽 this has been fun to try out an turned out amazingly.
A new restoration project has come along, I’ve been so busy with my day job I’ve been missing the workshop πŸ˜…. But this gorgeous 19c school masters desk all the way from Iona Canada is going to be a home restoration and a keeper for decades to come!
Haven’t had much workshop time lately as works been busy & a few commission’s coming in. But here another round of English walnut chopping blocks ready for Etsy πŸ‘πŸΌ
New collections now on my Etsy shop – wood a leather notepads and secret boxes 🀟🏽
Beautiful pair of bookmatched English walnut platters up on my Etsy shop now πŸ’₯ I loved cutting the blank in half and revealing this gorgeous pattern inside.
Some of the latest creations ready to go on Etsy in the next week 🀟🏽 it’s been a busy few weeks + Lots of fun being had with the 3in1 lazer\3D\CnC πŸŽ‰

A new collection coming soooooooon! Deconstructed leather wallets. I managed to get hold of a wide range of gorgeous quality leathers. Excited about this creation.
Another Rosewood hammer and pick set off across the pond to its new home πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Nice little horde of wood from willow sawmill – ready for a few new projects πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
My new TOY has arrived 😍 Snapmaker 2. 1000s more possibilities to make now πŸ•Ί
So I’ve been hard at work at home recently, taking a shine to leather working! Check out some of the purses & pouches on my Etsy shop πŸ•Ί
An new addition to the workshop furniture! A lovely little wenge pen stand for the multitude of pens I have for sale (including bespoke orders)
A new passion! Joinery! Small rosewood drawers and padauk, walnut and cocobolo tooπŸ•Ίthese might end up for sale if I can part with them 😍
I’ve been busy in the workshop recently πŸ’₯ A new style of small box from gorgeous rosewood & yellow mulberry
When you drill through the top of the box…. Make a lovely chakta inlay πŸ‘πŸΌ a couple of little cream & oil jars
Solid oak bathroom stool/steps to replace the antique pine ones I sold πŸ™„
Another table in the making 😏 big old antique farmhouse table, I don’t want to do anything to that big old top, it’s got so m5uch character. The legs are made from reclaimed wood and it matches perfectly
Busy few days in the workshop πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ lots more on my Instagram @lovebespoke. Also on my Etsy shop
Action shots – If you head over to my Instagram you’ll see the results of the first egg πŸ’₯
Not woodworking but still art! Up till 3am carving and painting an egg, made the stand today and realised it’s Easter weekend!! How fitting!
Hacking my way through some gorgeous old Spalted beech logs – there’s some beautiful figure and colours coming out. Looking forwards to turning some bowls and boxes (check my Instagram feed for some action shots!!)
Spalted beech, padauk and ebony simple box just finished today. Along a few other boxes & bowls you can see on my Instagram
Back in the workshop today πŸ™‚ Making a couple of chopping boards from the beautiful worktop (more coming soon from this huge piece of wood)!
Set of four cherry wood bowls, theirs some beautiful figures in this cherry wood & will darken with age.
The restored “Ludwig of Ludlow” table with modern metal legs
A few of last years Christmas presents for the family!

Zebrano & Rosewood salt ‘n’ pepper mills
Makers central 2019 with my Bro
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